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What the child is able to do in collaboration today, he will be able to do independently tomorrow.

– L. S. Vygotsky

What's Communication

Communication is at the center of all human activity. Companies persuade customers to buy their products. Recent graduates pitch themselves in job interviews. And it’s not just verbal communication, but also written communication. Students write to define themselves in college admission essays. Communication is an essential human skill. 

Yet, many find it difficult to not only persuade their audience, but also to even get their ideas across, especially on paper. Here at China Elite Academy, we understand the importance and value of writing well. When so much of our lives revolve around communicating, writing is an essential key to success. 

Our writing center will help students develop and improve their writing skill. We will give students the writing tools needed to write heartful stories, serious research papers, compelling persuasive essays, and most important of all – college application essays.  

Brainstorming & Research

The first step to writing anything is brainstorming and if required research. By working collaboratively with our writing consultants, students will be encouraged to be genuine and let loose allowing them to generate fresh and creative ideas. 

Writing Workshops

Often times students may come across a type of essay they may have never encountered before, most unique and once-in-a-lifetime essay being personal statement from the Common Application. We offer writing workshops to teach students how to tackle any and every type of essay they will come across 

Writing workshops consist of 3 components: the lesson, exercise, and discussion. The lesson component goes over a framework and requirements on how write a specific type of essay. The exercise component is when students will be asked to implement and put into practice what they learned during the lesson. The discussion component is when students will share their work from the exercise and receive feedback from our writing consultants and other students. 

Scaffolding Essays

Scaffolding is the process breaking the process of learning into smaller manageable parts and during each part students have a structure or technique taught to them. Our writing consultants have developed essay scaffolding strategies for wide array of diverse learners. Our essay scaffolding has structured the writing process into manageable easy to understand parts, so the student becomes capable of completing the writing process on their own.  

Essay Polishing

Often the most overlooked part of the writing process – essay polishing – is an important component of our writing center. The final step in the writing process is one we believe the most important. Polishing an essay is the difference between an essay that does the job and one that is astounding. Word choice, diction, and idioms are stressed during the essay polishing stage. Students of all English levels and writing level will learn the skills and techniques required to polish essays. 


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